Hey guys, it’s me again, do you have a favorite thing you like doing, that makes your day and makes you happy generally. Do you love reading books, or watching movies, playing games, or sleeping 😊. I love reading and playing games a lot, I always find joy in shooting people when I have a […]

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Letting go

It was not so long ago When I thought I’d never meet someone like you Wrong was I, thinking I’m in control Believing I’d never fall All my life I thought no one would melt a heart like mine, a heart so cold A heart hardened by the past protected by shields so vast. Slowly, […]

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What really is true happiness

Do you ever feel insecure about yourself, probably you think you’re this boring, shy person no one would ever like, ever, well guess what, you’re not alone, not here at least. Does it ever feel like you have more adversity in your life than your friends do, you feel uglier, fatter, poorer, or just boring […]

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